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Make Painting Painless

Make Painting Painless

Many people are intimidated by painting. But painting is an easy (and inexpensive) way to completely change the look and feel of a room. These painting facts will help you to tackle your next painting project with no worries.


Start with samples


Don’t guess when it comes to paint color. Paint sample pints are an affordable way to determine the right color for you. You can see how the paint looks on different walls and in different lighting too. Make sure to paint sample areas before you commit to buying gallons of any color.


Don’t forget the primer


Primer is important for most paint jobs as it covers up stains and other colors. Your paint job will look better too, since primer provides a surface that paint sticks to better. Products with primer and paint all in one are a good option if you don’t want to primer separately.


Rollers > brushes


Rollers cover more area than brushes, so they can save a good deal of time. Get a smooth, result with even coverage by overlapping a ‘W’ when you paint with a roller.


Combine your paint


When you have multiple gallons of the same color, it’s best to combine them to ensure the color is uniform. This is easy – combine the gallons in a larger larger bucket with a lid and stir.