Why Buying a Home During the Holidays Isn’t Such a Bad Idea - Urban Living @ Keller WIlliams Tampa Central Real Estate
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Why Buying a Home During the Holidays Isn’t Such a Bad Idea

Why Buying a Home During the Holidays Isn’t Such a Bad Idea

In the real estate industry, there’s a long-held belief that you shouldn’t buy or sell a home during the holiday season. Some think there’s less inventory during this time while others point to how hectic the season is, filled with holiday events, travel, and friends and family visiting. But in fact, the holidays can be a great time to buy a home. Here are four reasons why.


Since others aren’t participating in home buying during this time of year, it makes it more likely that you’ll have a chance to take a good look at a home you like. Fewer buyers may mean you’re competing with fewer offers on a home, too!

#2 More Motivated Sellers

Chances are that if a home is for sale during an off-peak time like winter, the seller has a particular reason they are willing to sell, like a job relocation. This may put the seller in a position where they are more likely to entertain your offer.

#3 More Negotiation Power

As mentioned above, the holidays are not a prime selling season and those who are selling their home likely have a more pressing reason they need to sell their home at this time, so you the buyer may benefit from more negotiation power than usual. Yield it wisely.

#4 Easier Access to Help

The winter months are slower overall in the real estate industry, and that includes those who work in related industries like home inspectors, moving companies, and mortgage brokers. As a result, you can may find that it is easier to get in touch with these professionals which will make for a smoother transaction and less stress.